Nuit à Paris!

Nuit à Paris!

What’s YOUR dream night abroad? If you could go out on the town for one night in any city, state, country, continent, where would you chose?

My dream night abroad would be in the most exqusite city ever, Paris! It has been my life long dream to go to Paris. Now, if I were to go to paris, where would I go? What would I see? Where would I (most importantly) eat? What would I wear? How would I communicate? How would I try to not look like a tourist, because don’t we all just hate feeling like a tourist?

First step of not looking like a tourist, your appearance! Of course, I created an outfit on Polyvore to show you guys what my dream outfit would be on my evening out in Paris.

Paris Outfit

Now what would I do and where would I eat in Paris? Well of course, I would visit the Eiffel Tower! Eat dinner at the marvelous le Jules Verne Restaurant located INSIDE the Eiffel Tower. And maybe stop by Ladurée and pick up a dozen of Paris’ finest French Macarons for dessert.

Nuit à Paris!

Now I may be in the most wonderful city ever, but how am I going to get around if I don’t speak french?? One way is to meet people! Make friends with the locals while on your trip. If you’re not up to meeting new people, there are so many apps out there that can help you with the language barrier. You could also bring along a friend that is fluent or knows enough french to get you around the town. I have heard that in that area, most people do speak english, so just read up on some of the common french words you would need to know, and you’re set!

I’d like to thank Smartling, an online translation technology company that loves language, traveling, fashion and culture, for giving me this idea! Smartling is a translation service that helps businesses who have customers in other countries, so that they don’t end up with poorly translated web pages. They have ranges from actual professional human translators to computer generated translations for your website. For more techy “PCI DSS Level 1, SSAE 16 SOC 2, and HIPAA” info about Smartling, check out their website

Now I want to know where YOU would go on your dream night abroad? Comment down below!



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