Le Tote ♡ FREE Clothes for a MONTH!


Long time no talk, huh? I’ve been horrible, and haven’t posted anything in TWO MONTHS! I’ve been super busy, and haven’t had any time to post anything, and really didn’t have anything to post about. But hopefully things will start to change now!

So I wanted to talk to you guys about an awesome website and service that I think you will like! For a while now I have known about Le Tote, but because of the price I just never actually subscribed to it. But, this past month they have been doing a deal I couldn’t pass up! For a short time you can get a whole MONTH FREE from Le Tote!

“Okay, a month free of what?” you might ask. A month free of CLOTHES AND JEWELRY! I personally wear new clothing like crazy when I first buy them and then barely ever wear it again after a month. Well this service is my savior! Instead of spending money on a bunch of clothes, then getting sick of them, with Le Tote I can get a box sent to my front door for FREE with 3-6 clothing pieces and 2-3 Jewelry pieces.Then when I’m sick of them or done with them, I just send them back with the already prepaid shipping label from them. This box is normally $50 a month, and you can get it for FREE for one month!

These aren’t just clothes you see being sold at Walmart, these are high-end clothes, that I personally would never spend the amount of money they actually cost. They send brands like BCBGeneration, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Nasty Gal, and many more.

Here’s exactly how it works:

Le Tote Simply AM

Le Tote Simply AM

Le Tote Simply AM

Le Tote Simply AM

Free 3 day shipping both ways, don’t even have to wash them, cancel at anytime, unlimited clothes for a month, what else could you want?

What’s really cool is that other people that have gotten these clothes can upload pictures of their outfit and how they styled the clothing item or jewelry piece. Here’s my photo from when I got this striped shirt:

Le Tote Simply AM

Another cool thing about Le Tote is that if you really like the item, you can keep it and you will automatically be charged a member’s discounted price. Things can still be a bit pricey, even with the discount, but other things are a good deal!

You can get this awesome deal RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!

Try it out, see if you like it or not, cancel it whenever you want! I will keep you guys posted on my boxes and what I liked and didn’t.



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