Le Tote Box #2

So I’m gonna show you guys what I got in my latest Le Tote box, and the things I liked and didn’t like about the items!

In my box this time I got three garments and 2 accessories. I got one more dressy shirt, a more casual shirt, and a skirt. I also got a scarf and a necklace for accessories. I was super excited when i got this box. It had stuff in it that i had in “my closet” on the website. My first box I got, I wasn’t very impressed because they sent me only one thing that was in “my closet” and also sent things that just weren’t my kind thing. But this box i was super happy with.

IMG_4957 (1)

The first shirt I received was this cute burgundy-red and black long sleeve top. I loved this shirt! I wore it as more of a casual outfit, but you could totally vamp it up into more of a night out outfit. I just paired the shirt with some dark wash jeans and black flats. This shirt is from the brand RD Style and is sold at retail price for $68.

IMG_4996 (1)

The second top I received was this amazing top from Style Stalker. I absolutely loved this top online, and I LOVED it in person too! It’s a peplum top, but with a twist. It looks short in front, but has this long “tail” on the back that drapes in the back. I love the shirt, but because of the material it’s made of, and being lined inside as well, the back end was super heavy. It would pull the shirt back and down in the back, making the from collar come up as far as it could on my neck. Besides the heaviness, I loved this shirt! This shirt retails at $148, such a great deal with Le Tote!


The last clothing item I got was this super cute lace black skirt from Lemieux. At first when I put this in “my closet,” I thought it was a dress because the model is dressed with a black shirt as well, so it looked like a dress. But I was still happy and excited to get this skirt. I got a size small, and with my skirt I like them to lay on my waistline, but this skirt was a little loose on me so it fell to a little below my hips. It was still wearable, but just a little big for my taste. The skirt itself is adorable! I love the mix of lace on it. This skirt retails at $68.

IMG_4975 (1)

For accessories I got a scarf and necklace. The scarf was from Blue Pacific Fashion and retails at $48. I loved this scarf! I was almost tempted to keep it, I loved it so much! It’s a great lightweight scarf you could wear year round. They have it available in three colors on the website as well. The necklace I received was giant_November_Jewelry_Ecom_14-795from Adia K and retails at $34. I actually didn’t wear this necklace at all while I had this box. I just didn’t have anything it went with, and I actually didn’t like the lengths of the two parts of it. They were connected so you couldn’t change the short one’s length without changing the long one’s length. The short part was just too short, and they were sort of like arrows, and they didn’t seem to set pointing down at the same time, one would be crooked and the other would be fine.

I was really happy with my box this time! Time to send it off and anxiously wait for the next!FullSizeRender

I want your help! I’m thinking about making a new makeup tutorial, what would you guys want to see? Let me know in the comments!



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