Nuit à Paris!

Nuit à Paris!

What’s YOUR dream night abroad? If you could go out on the town for one night in any city, state, country, continent, where would you chose?

My dream night abroad would be in the most exqusite city ever, Paris! It has been my life long dream to go to Paris. Now, if I were to go to paris, where would I go? What would I see? Where would I (most importantly) eat? What would I wear? How would I communicate? How would I try to not look like a tourist, because don’t we all just hate feeling like a tourist?

First step of not looking like a tourist, your appearance! Of course, I created an outfit on Polyvore to show you guys what my dream outfit would be on my evening out in Paris.

Paris Outfit

Now what would I do and where would I eat in Paris? Well of course, I would visit the Eiffel Tower! Eat dinner at the marvelous le Jules Verne Restaurant located INSIDE the Eiffel Tower. And maybe stop by Ladurée and pick up a dozen of Paris’ finest French Macarons for dessert.

Nuit à Paris!

Now I may be in the most wonderful city ever, but how am I going to get around if I don’t speak french?? One way is to meet people! Make friends with the locals while on your trip. If you’re not up to meeting new people, there are so many apps out there that can help you with the language barrier. You could also bring along a friend that is fluent or knows enough french to get you around the town. I have heard that in that area, most people do speak english, so just read up on some of the common french words you would need to know, and you’re set!

I’d like to thank Smartling, an online translation technology company that loves language, traveling, fashion and culture, for giving me this idea! Smartling is a translation service that helps businesses who have customers in other countries, so that they don’t end up with poorly translated web pages. They have ranges from actual professional human translators to computer generated translations for your website. For more techy “PCI DSS Level 1, SSAE 16 SOC 2, and HIPAA” info about Smartling, check out their website

Now I want to know where YOU would go on your dream night abroad? Comment down below!



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New Addition to Simply AM!

Something new is brewing for Simply AM! Here is a sneak peek..

Simply AM TV will be launching very soon, and you will be the first to know when it does!

Do you have a YouTube channel? Comment your username down below and I’ll check it out!



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So, I live in California.. Crazy right?? It’s still so crazy to me knowing that I actually LIVE in California. I have literally always wanted to visit California, so when my parents said we were MOVING to California, I was all for it! It has been a huge change moving from the east coast to the west coast. Here’s some stuff you may or may not have known about Southern California.


One thing I never really noticed was that California is very hilly. When you’re driving, you’re constantly going up and down hills, and in the distance all you see are hills! It’s not very fun when you’re driving, but its so pretty! Seeing all the houses stacked on the hill sides at night, all the sparkling lights, is just so awesome!

EVERYDAY. IS. PERFECT. Seriously, I have never been anywhere, where the weather never changes! Where I live, about 30 mins – 1 hour North of San Diego, the weather on average is about 75. We have some hot days, when it gets up the 90’s is super hot, but for the most part its just the perfect temperature. When we first moved, people were like “It’s so humid outside!” And I was like uhh you don’t know humid until you have lived in the Carolina’s! Since we moved, about 3 months ago, it has rained once. Yeah, one time!


Not EVERY PERSON surfs. I have met people that have lived here a long time, and have never surfed before. There are other things to do than just surf.

Starbucks, Target, and Chipotle are ALL OVER! In a 5 mile radius of our house, there are almost 20 Starbucks shops and three Targets! I was use to not being able to go to Chipotle, and if I did, it was like 30 minutes away from me. But now, they are all over the place!

It’s common for people to NOT have air conditioning in their house. Yeah, the weather is pretty nice 90% of the time, but sometimes the house gets hot. We haven’t had to use our air conditioning that much, but the times we do use it, I don’t know how anyone could survive without it!


California is not everything I thought it would be, but I still love it! If you ever get the chance to visit, do it! It’s definitely an experience you won’t forget!



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Discover Fabulous Finds on Keep!

Ever scroll through Pinterest and think “Where can I find this??” Well look no further than!

Keep is an awesome website and app that you can use “to discover and buy the latest trends in fashion, decor, accessories, and design.” (From the “about” description.) Not only do you find cute and unique items that you see on Pinterest, but you can also purchase the items right on!

I love using the Keep app! You can find anything you can think of on it! I love just searching office supplies, or kitchen decor, and it gives you the cutest and most unique things you’ve ever seen. You can save items in your likes, and “keep” items in your collections. On Keep you can purchase any item you find. They show you the price for anything you find or see in the app or website. You can also use the search engine in the app, and then save the items to your collections.

It’s a cool way to find cute and unique knick knacks. You can also find the latest trendsetting outfits, clothing, and accessories. Use Keep to make wish lists, your next item to splurge on, things to decorate your new apartment with, or a new outfit to strut on your next night out!

I’ve been using it a lot more than Pinterest lately, surprisingly! Check out my profile, browse through my collections and keeps, and sign up today!

What do you want to see next on Simply AM? Answer the poll to the left (desktop version) or at the end of this page (phone version) and maybe your choice will be next!



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DIY Mason Jar Decor!

diy mason jar decor

Ever wonder what to do with all those old pasta sauce jars and pickle jars you have around your kitchen? Well here’s an awesome DIY project you can do for cheap decorative vases in your home!


diy mason jar decor

 What you’ll need:

Mason Jar (you can buy them super cheap, or you can do what I did and use pasta sauce jars)

Art Paint (or any type of paint you have around)

Sponge Brush (or any kind of paint brush you have)

Nail Polish Remover

Cotton Balls

Flowers (fresh or fake, both will work)

Optional: Sandpaper (You can use sandpaper to rough up the paint, to give it a more rustic look.)

Here is a great tip to get that tough sticky glue from the label on your jars! Use nail polish remover and cotton balls to get rid off all that glue! It works great! Depending on the glue on the jars, some may not come off, but once you paint the jar, you can’t even tell there is glue there.



Once you have got all the glue off, you can start painting! I painted going up and down so that the streak lines all went the same way. I used this really pretty light blue, and light purple / lavender color for my jars.


mason jar decor diy

Once you have painted them, let them sit and dry. I only had to wait an hour or so, because I did a thin layer of paint.


diy mason jar decor

I went out to my backyard and cut some fresh flowers off our bush. The pink flowers look so pretty in contrast to the blue and purple, and bring a colorful spring and summer vibe into the home! You could really use these jars to hold anything. You could fill them with beads and use it as a makeup brush holder. You could also put a candle inside and use it as a candle holder.

I hope you guys try this DIY out! Make sure to send me pictures of it on twitter @SimplyAMBlog if you try it out!




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